Inline Traffic Control and Management

Keeping true to our innovative and forward-thinking culture, Inline Contractors have taken the unique step of establishing its very own in-house traffic control and management service, Inline Traffic Management.

The circumstances and process for each piece of rail work can be quite individual and often complex, and therefore requires a specific, tailored approach from a traffic management perspective. Using our many years of experience, Inline can now design and implement industry-specific traffic management plans to ensure:

· The safety of all workers and visitors to our sites from the initial scope of works through to commissioning

· The safety of all pedestrians and road users, guaranteeing the continuity of traffic flow around and through our work sites

· Eliminating down time on remote locations waiting for external traffic control resources to arrive on site

· Reducing cost blow-outs associated with using external traffic resources, when they are only required at irregular intervals

· Increased productivity and reduced costs by cross-training all Inline Traffic staff, and utilizing their skills in other areas of our business when traffic control is not required

With Inline Traffic Management, we always have our fully trained and compliant traffic control staff conveniently on hand to ensure the safety of our workers remains intact, as well as providing smooth traffic flow, reliable pedestrian access, and greater piece of mind for all of our stakeholders.