Inline skillset...

Level Crossing Construction


Whether it be a new rail crossing or upgrade of a current crossing, Inline Contractors can fulfil all of your requirements. 

We can help with initial consultation, project management, installation of all signalling infrastructure, plus all and any related works (including traffic management, access tracks etc) through to the handover of fully operational systems.  

All Excavation & Trenching Requirements



Not all civil contractors are alike!

Our team of operators can complete any earthmoving, trenching, retaining wall construction or drainage works you may require, regardless of the size of the project. But our team can also do it safer, smarter and with a full appreciation and understanding of your budgetary and timeline expectations

Pedestrian Crossings


Here at Inline we have the experience & knowledge to help in the installation of a vast array of new pedestrian crossing systems and upgrades.

Additional to standard crossings, a sample of our specialist pedestrian installation work includes:

  • Electro-Magnetic gates
  • Disabled Access 
  • Complimentary Cultural & Heritage needs 
  • Subterranean 

Rectification Issues

rectification drainage works

Discovering poor workmanship from previous works is not uncommon. However you can rely on Inline Contractors to work with you to quickly identify & isolate any sub-standard works, make sure any issues are quickly rectified, and keep your project on time and completed up to industry best practise.

If you have found a problem you need fixed, call Inline Contractors.



The safety record of Inline Contractors is second to none.

Our culture dictates that we understanding the vital importance of the safety of all our team members, and also the significant impact an accident or safety breach can have to your project.

Inline Contractors Safety polices are at or above Industry Best Practise and are reviewed regularly by external safety experts to ensure we stay ahead of the pack.

Environmental and Heritage Specialists


Any earthworks can be extremely disruptive to the local environment, and rail works can be even more so. At Inline we take pride in our role to promote respect and help protect this valuable asset. 

Our job sites and work sequencing is thoughtfully planned out to minimize the effect on the local area, and we will work with you to ensure your project is completed with the minimal impact possible.